F5 Tested, FEMA Compliant, Holds 6-7 adults. Fits easily in a 6 ft x 6 ft. space. Available in scholastic or custom colors, camouflage, or other various designs. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

It all began in 2011...

When the massive tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL in April of 2011 we were shocked at the loss of life along with the images of the devastation and destruction of property.  Although the loss of life is always a tragic event, we were stunned by some of the stories caused by the debris field left in the path of the storm.  The killer storms, with all its intensity, left behind a crumbled, broken and shattered debris field more than three feet thick.  Consequently, many people became trapped and could not get out of their shelters due to the weight of the debris.  They simply could not open the hinged door.  Many in this situation were trapped for hours until they were rescued.

This led us to ask the question, "Is there a better way?"

The design of the TornadoPod solved that question.  Many common shelters today have doors hinged on one side and must be pushed out to open.  For some people, the thought of being trapped inside a STORM TOMB for an extended period of time would be devastating.  We wanted to construct a shelter which would allow you to escape, even if trapped under a debris field.  Therefore, we designed the TornadoPod with a sliding door which can easily be removed by extracting the hinge pins from the inside and releasing the door from the pod.  This allows the movement of the hatch in a number of directions, if required, to exit the shelter.

After several initial modifications, the design of the TORNADOPOD was completed and a patent application was submitted in 2012.  After two years of review and improvements, United States Patent US 8,661,746 for the design of the TORNADOPOD was issued Mar. 4, 2014.  A subsequent Patent US 8,925,261 was issued for additional modifications and issued on January 6, 2015.