The TORNADOPOD is designed to protect you from flying debris during a storm and takes up a minimal space in your yard. We adhere to the strictest standards as mandated by the American Tornado Shelter Association. To maintain our certification, the ATSA requires that every TORNADOPOD be set in place by a certified installer.  Installation by non- authorized or non-certified parties will void the warranty.

Once a site survey is completed to determine the best location for the TORNADOPOD, there are typically several clearances required before installation can begin.  If you live in a HOA, the homeowner must secure approval of the HOA (if applicable) and order location clearances from all applicable utility companies (Natural Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone, Cable and Internet Service). An area 6.0' x 6.0' will be required to install the TORNADOPOD.  Once the location is determined, site drawings will be created showing the location of the home and the exact spot where the TORNADOPOD will be installed. In most cities, a building permit will be required and the information gathered previously will be used to file for a building permit. Once all approvals are secured, a 6.0' x 6.0' x 3.5' (L X W X D) hole will be dug and 2" of crushed stone will be placed in the bottom.  The TORNADOPOD will then be placed into the excavated area, leveled and braced.  After bracing, steel reinforcing wire will be placed around the pod and approximately 11,000 lbs. of concrete will be poured in to secure the TORNADOPOD in the ground.

Our installation process is designed to cause minimal disruption to the surrounding area and we will leave the construction site as agreed with the homeowner.